KAI ANNE SCHUHMACHER works as a director, author of theater texts, puppeteer and puppet maker, lives in Cologne and has been working freelance throughout Europe since 2015.

After studying music, theater and communication studies at the "University of Bayreuth" and the "Università degli Studi Ferrara", she received her master's degree in music theater and drama at the "University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna". This was followed by further education at the puppet theater Bochum.

From 2017 to 2019 Kai Anne was Artist in Residence at the Puppet Theater Gera and has been a member of the Ensemble Eikona - Chamber Music Puppet Theater since 2018.

Kai Anne Schuhmacher wants to explore spaces and connect people with different talents. Her favorite projects include multi-disciplinary productions or those that playfully deal with the experience of a theater evening and break the expectations of the audience.

With the "Notabu.Ensemble Neue Musik" and the Spectra Ensemble ", she staged Berio's Recital for Cathy in the "Tonhalle Düsseldorf" and the "De Bijloke Muziekcentrum Gent" in 2015. The following year she gave her directorial debut with Benjamin Britten's The Rape of Lucretia at the Cologne Opera, a production chosen by "Die Welt NRW" for the best staging of a play after 1945 and her follow-up assignments for Pierrot Lunaire and Hoffmanns Erzählungen at the same house.

In addition to the "Staatstheater Mainz", "Theater und Philharmonie Thüringen" and the "Nederlandse Reisopera", Schuhmacher's staging work focuses primarily on working with independent groups, who seek new directions in the field of music theater and seek multimedia forms in urban space. In 2016, she launched the cooperation project "OperaIndonesia", a crossover project in which European and Indonesian actors, puppeteers, dancers and musicians premiered the musical theater piece Higher. Her biggest intermedia directorial work was Re: Play - Our Game, Your Choice, which was screened at the Out of Control festival in December 2017 at the former K & K Telegraph Office in Vienna.

Since 2019 Kai Anne Schuhmacher is also working as a lecturer in drama and theater studies at the University of Vechta and the University Middlebury VT.